A lot of files sharers split a single big file to a lot of smaller files before uploading it to the Rapidshare server. It’s a trick to earn more Premium-Points, which are redeemable for free premium accounts or extend the life-span of premium account for free. Thus downlaoders must download all these files via RapidShare download links or URLs in order to get the valid and usable files. However, due to several reasons such as uploaded files have expired due to inactivity, or been deleted due to copyright infringement, violation complaint or illegal contents, some files may be missing, wasting the time and money to download partial files.

To avoid wasting the download efforts, especially free RapidShare account users who have to fight for download limit and bear with download delay, users can actually verify and check the validity of all RapidShare download URLs at once with RapidShare.com Link Checker, to ensure that all files are still available and hosted on RapidShare servers, and can be free downloaded for free.

RapidShare.com Link Checker supports checking against many download links at once. Simply just enter as many URLs as you want, each URL per line, and you will get the availability of files results instantly.