Keeping a cool head has many advantages especially when it comes to making decisions that involve financial gain or loss. But this is easier said than done. The invention of a device which can warn you of your emotions can be quite beneficial especially if you are a keen online home investor. The joint brainchild of Philips and ABN AMRO, the Rationalizer keeps you rational for those decisive moments when emotions can play havoc to your investments.


The Rationalizer consists of two components, the EmoBowl and the EmoBracelet. The bracelet measures the pulse rate through a galvanic skin response sensor. The faster the pulse or heartbeat, the higher the emotional state of the bracelet bearer. This could be excitement, fear or greed which can affect rational thinking and decisions. Both the EmoBracelet and the EmoBowl will turn a soft yellow, orange, or bright red on, depending on the emotional state’ of the person wearing the bracelet. Using simple advanced sensing and signal processing technology, the device does not have a complicated interface or setup. The Rationalizer can help home investors, in particular, to keep track of their emotions so that they are aware of the basis of their decisions and make less irrational mistakes. It could also be very useful for individuals who get stressed to monitor their emotions and control their stress levels before they get to the point of nervous breakdown.