rc25sp_mainIf you are a night owl who likes to watch your favorite movies or series at midnight, surely you will have this problem. You can’t turn up the speakers’ volume for you might cause the ire of your neighbors or family members. But if you don’t, there is no enjoyment in the viewing especially if you are watching action-packed thrillers or horror movies.

You could probably wear a pair of wireless earphones instead, but they would be very uncomfortable if you are snugly tucked up in a couch.To tackle the problems faced by night-owls-cum-couch-potatoes, the Japanese company Asahi Electric (ELPA) has brought to users the block-shape designed remote control which is integrated with a pop-up speaker in the lid. This 30mm handy speaker is connected to a wireless receiver unit which is connected to the TV. This remote-control-cum-speaker will faithfully bring the sounds to users without disturbing others. This unique ELPA RC-25SP Universal Speaker Remote is priced at $40.