Samsin has launched the world’s first completely wireless rechargeable Bluetooth speakers, the Samsin SBS-6600 Bluetooth speakers that offers great sound quality and their own internal rechargeable batteries for convenience and easy of use, according to the company. Without question, there’re a lot of wireless Bluetooth speakers in global market, but they have a wire between the two speakers. With no wire between the two speakers, the Samsin’s portable Bluetooth speakers allow you to place each of the speakers in different areas of your room for really expansive sound.


In addition, these cool and stylish portable speakers able to receive Bluetooth streams from a wide variety of Bluetooth-capable devices including mobile phones, MP3 players/media players and laptop/notebook. Besides, these wireless Bluetooth speaker can provide 8 hours of of play time and 240 hours of standby time while the full charging will take up to 3.5 hours. The “completely, true and real” wireless speaker which powered by an included rechargeable Li-Polymer battery is available for about $140.