On most OEM computers running Microsoft Windows operating system, regardless of it’s a desktop, notebook or laptop PC, now comes with pre-loaded trial version of Microsoft Office 2007, primarily Home and Student Edition, which is a time-limited product for evaluation if use without proper activation.

However, Office 2K7 is not the only product that is installed, there is another program calls Microsoft Office Activation Assistant that co-exists in the program list, with the purpose to guide user through to activate (of course, after paying) the Office suite product. It’s not required by any mean, and can be easily uninstalled and removed by using Add and Remove Programs in Control Panel (Programs and Features in Windows Vista). The trick is, Microsoft Office Activation Assistant has to be uninstalled before Microsoft Office 2007 Trial is uninstalled or removed.

If you have uninstalled MS Office 2007, and now try to uninstall the Activation Assistant program, the following error message may appear, and stop user from uninstall and removing the Microsoft Office Activation Assistant, despite there is no more Office program available.

Microsoft Office must be installed before you can uninstall this program.

To fix the unable and cannot uninstall the Office Activation Assistant issue, the solution is pretty easy. Just download a trial version of the Microsoft Office 2007 software from Microsoft, and install it on the PC. Then proceed to uninstall and remove Activation Assistant properly, before continuing to uninstall and get rid of the Office trial again.