Some of the scariest thing in the world is paying a visit to the dentist. Climbing onto the dentist chair, having your mouth pried open, and your teeth probed and scraped by ominous-looking tools would shake your knees. The smell of anesthetist and the sound of the drill would put the fear into any heart. But all these will be put to rest with DentalVibe, a device designed by Dr Steven G Goldberg DDS and Bresslergroup.

DentalVibe works simply my deceiving the brain into not receiving the message of pain transmitted by the nerves in the mouth. The device emits a vibration at irregular pace, causing the brain to pick up the signal. The brain picks up vibration that is irregular and ignores vibration that is rapid and rhythmical. The vibrations from DentalVibe are made up of A-beta nerve fibers, which are faster than the sensation of pain of a needle penetrating the gums transmitted through the slower C-fibers.

Jargon aside, anything that reduces the pain, and more importantly, the fear of visiting the dentist is much welcomed.