Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is having a rendering issue or scripting error on some web pages that you visit? Now you can contribute to the development of IE web browser, or at least to let your frustration or anger known by someone. Microsoft is providing a Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on which allows the user to submit a report to Microsoft for webpages they believe are having rendering problems, scripting errors, or various other types of problems in IE8.

After installation of the plugin, restart IE 8 web browser. Once installed, the Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on appears as a toolbar button and a Report a Webpage Problem… item on the Tools menu. In order to submit a problematic website to Microsoft, click on the toolbar button or choose the menu item. The add-on ActiveX control will then take a screenshot of the web page currently being viewed, and open a new tab with a report submission form. A scaled down version of the screenshot will be visible at the bottom. User can decide whether or not to include the full-sized screenshot. Choosing No to the “Include Screenshot?” question means no screenshot will be sent. User can also select a category best representing their observed problem, and able to type a 1000 character limit comment in the text field provided.

Additional data included in the report sent to Microsoft including:

  • The protocol type (http, res, file, etc.) of the URL being reported.
  • The complete URL.
  • A numerical value representing the Document mode.

In Windows Vista with IE running in protected mode, user must allow Microsoft Applications Error Reporting to open outside protected mode to continue submission process. The Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer 8 Add-On will be available for a limited time after Internet Explorer 8 RTM, and may be removed from Microsoft Download Center at any time.

Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer 8 Add-On can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center, or directly using download link to setup installer: ReportWebpageProblemIEAddonSetup.exe.