Someone must have called the designers assholes. So Younes Daneshvar and Javad Yazdani took the words literally and turned their design into the Asspeaker. It would definitely appeal to your bizarre, if not fetish, side. Asspeaker consists of the main unit (subwoofer and control station) and the side units (speakers). When the individual speakers are joined to the controller, the unit resembles a cute butt. The speakers are linked to the main unit via Bluetooth technology.


How does one make the Ass work? Just slap or gently tap the cheeks to turn the unit on. A small red light will light up, or if you prefer, the cheeks will blush crimson. The red light will disappear after three seconds. To turn the volume up or down, rub the unit on the cheek with a circular caress, rotating right or left, respectively. If the unit does not perform up to expectations, you might want to kick some butt. Sexy? That’s ‘Hard Porn’ in action for you.