A singing keyboard, anyone? Well, if not actually singing, the Verbatim Speaker Keyboard is a keyboard with a raised panel that houses stereo speakers for your listening pleasure while you type. Verbatim, the name that is synonymous with data storage is straying into new territory with this device. The Speaker Keyboard has added bass-boost buttons, volume control buttons and keys for music playback but looks nondescript in its black design. Admittedly, a more creative look or colouful design might better suit the fun and eccentric people it is likely targeted at. Nevertheless, the keyboard also has backlighted keys for typing in the dark and a built-in microphone for some singing or recording of your own.

Made to work with Windows Media Player (PC) and iTunes (Mac), the Keyboard is powered by a single USB cable. Once this is plugged in, the integrated USB audio chipset will override the system sound. The Verbatim Speaker Keyboard also lacks USB ports to plug in a mouse or headphones. For $75, the musical keyboard is definitely not for the budget-constrained.