According to several police chiefs in the UK, the popularity of the iPod may be behind a 5% increase in robberies. Ian Johnston, chief constable of the British Transport Police had this to say last Friday about the iPod and other valuable gadgets, “The mobile phone explosion is continuing. The iPod explosion is continuing. All of these gadgets that people carry around with them are very attractive to robbers, so that puts the opportunities up. We’ve obviously got to respond to that…”

Apparently just wearing an iPod in the UK can make you a target for a mugging. If you are extremely worried about being attacked for your iPod, you should consider not using the white earbuds that come with every iPod. White headphones are a dead giveaway to everyone around you that you own an iPod.

Even though overall crime in the UK has dropped, robbery rose by about 5% compared to last year. Violent crime was also slightly up nationwide mostly due to street brawls and pub fights.

In case you are curious, here’s the breakdown in recorded crime in the UK compared to last year:

  • Drug offences up 16%
  • Other offences against the person-with no injury up 6%
  • Robbery up 5%
  • Criminal damage 0%
  • Theft of and from vehicles 0%
  • Domestic burglary down 4%
  • Other burglary down 5%
  • Other thefts and handling down 6%
  • More serious violence down 13%
  • Other offences against the person-with injury down 4%
  • Sexual offences down 6%
  • Total recorded crime down 2%