Joggers and cyclists used to listen to music via headphones which shut out all surrounding sounds from the listeners. This can create mishaps and accidents if the listeners are too engrossed in the music. In emergencies, the earphone users may not react appropriately in time. The Tunebug Shake provides an alternative source of entertainment for outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts without compromising on the awareness of their surroundings. But this depends on how loud and enthralling the music is.

The Shake resembles a watch with a strap that can be attached to a bike, snowboard or skate helmet. Lightweight in size, this ultra portable sound generator will start streaming out music when connected to an iPod, an MP3 player, a mobile phone, or even Bluetooth. Strapped to the helmet, the Shake can literally give your head a pulsing vibration with each bass boom. One also gets the surround sound effect. The strap is made of quality rubber and attaches itself easily to most types of helmet. It is also water-resistant. Touch-sensitive buttons enable the user to control the volume and power switch easily. The Shake basically turns the area surrounding your ears into a portable sound system.