Have you heard of the expression ‘stuff them in the toilet bowl’? Well, if you ever feel that way about office paper work or reports, there is a device for you, called the White Goat. This Japanese machine chews regular letter-sized paper or shreds and turns them into rolls of toilet paper for your dirty business. What better way to see the cursed office paper work made to clean your bottoms and save the environment at the same time! The boss will be grinning from ear to ear with this one because it cuts cost and saves office resources until he sees the hefty price tag of $100,600.

Users simply have to feed the machine with discarded paper and water and wait for the toilet paper to be rolled out. The machine will automatically pulp and roll the paper into an essential necessity to answer nature’s call. It takes about 30 minutes to process one roll of toilet paper, however, so make sure you plan well ahead of time. It requires about 40 sheets of paper to make one toilet roll, not to mention tones of water.