Pico projectors or handheld projectors are always a good helper and a necessary tool for frequent travelers who need to do a lot of professional business presentations. To cater to the need of these people, the Taiwanese manufacturer, RoyalTek, has designed five new pico-projectors which will be tentatively launched in 2010. The first model, RoyalTek RPJ-2000, has been officially unveiled while others are in the pipeline.

Measuring 116 x 50 x 18mm in dimension and weighing 105g, the ultra slim-sized pocket projector RPJ-2000 can be easily carried along and used together with mobile devices such as iPhone, DVD Player, MP4 Player, digital camera, laptop, etc. The RPJ-2000 uses a second-gen 3M LCoS chipset, features VGA and NTSC / PAL TV inputs, and offers 0.5 watt stereo speakers. This tiny projector is able to project up to 65-inch maximal projection screen size with 14-lumen brightness and 640 x 480 resolutions. RPJ-2000 does not offer any onboard storage or media player, which is a major setback (but perhaps this will be featured in other models).

The RPJ-2000 is priced around €219 or $315. Mac users who want to connect the projector to their iPhone and iPod need to get additional accessory, an adapter kit, which costs another €30 or $43.