Driving is a privilege that parents can ill afford to accord their children when they reach the dreaded driving age. Speeding down highways, braking dangerously, and intoxicated or drunk driving are some of the mischief adrenaline-pumping youths are up to when they are taking their parents’ cars. SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor is one of the latest technological devices to enable parents to monitor their children’s driving and the car.

SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor is easy to install; users simply plug it in and activate a personal tamper-proof PIN to operate the device. The device works by recording the car’s highest speed, distance of travel, and incidences of sudden or emergency braking. When the key is given to young drivers who may be raring to go, SafeDriver Wireless Vehicle Monitor will serve as a sobering reminder to these young people to watch the accelerator and the brakes. Thus reckless driving becomes less of a problem on roads.