My Digital Life is giving away 50 (fifty) free 3-month accounts of Sailfish VPN. The 50 accounts are to giveaway via random lucky draw.

Sailfish VPN provides features no bandwidth and speed limitations through fast optimized network. Sailfish VPN works with nearly all ISPs to bypass Internet censorship or simply to ensure anonymity and secureness of Internet connection. Sailfish VPN can be used to access to blocked Internet services or to bypass firewall restriction. Sailfish VPN supports PPTP L2TP.

The Sailfish VPN giveaway promotion offers fifty (50) Sailfish VPN 3 months VPN accounts free of charge. The free VPN account is normal paid commercial account, and not a trial account, so users get to use the VPN without restriction or limitation. Normally the 3 month account in Sailfish VPN costs $19.

To win an account of Sailfish VPN, just write and post a comment on this post. All comments must be posted on or before 23:59 PM on October 10, 2011, according to comment posted time (UTC+8). You can post multiple comments as you like to increase your chance of winning, however, any comments of spammy in nature will be removed and disqualified.

A valid email address must be entered on the “Mail” field. Do not post email address inside comments to avoid spam. Winners must also allow his or her email address to be given to the sponsor for product delivery.

Fifty (50) winners will be selected randomly, with each entitled to one 3-month Sailfish VPN account. Each participant entitles to one account only.

My Digital Life’s decision is final, and My Digital Life reserves all rights to change any terms and conditions without prior notice. Do check out more free giveaway available at My Digital Life.

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  • Augli

    will be very please given the opportunity to use it …by You guys to keep it up no backdown!!!

  • Augli

    I’ll like to thank you all for the pretty good work.

  • nickslay

    I want to win this freebie… count me in. thanks!

  • Philip Ebram

    I wish to get the illustration make sure you count me in for this contest !

  • thanhtqkabi

    it’s for me ^^

  • kfredies

    I really need it…..since am in china

  • jayam

    I want to paticipate in the count me in the contest.

  • Skyler

    Please enter me in the draw :)

    Thank you!


  • mike

    let me try this vpn..!

  • harish

    would love to try it

  • ssrssd

    no chance for me :)

  • ata

    hi, how can i get sailfish vpn free?

  • Sercan Direk

    i want this.

  • mo

    put my name and email in this game as well
    if win send me vpn by email
    let me win ty

  • Johny

    Yes i want it , Please , i would like to be THE WINNER like Chuck NORRIS !

  • kiki27

    please give me i am a newbie

  • Skali

    I would realy like to win that :) count me in

  • pick me oh pleease pick me :]

  • Junk099

    Web site is down (Only a “Hello World!” message)
    but I would love to try this ^^ !

  • Deepu

    Wow.great give away

  • Didgi

    I would benefit this gift,if possible :-)

  • Jim Phung


  • EHS4N

    i want

  • EHS4N

    I win, thanks !

  • nelson

    hello, i want to win.

  • anqy

    i want to try this vpn, and hope to win..thanks

  • dhoy

    i want to learn about sailfish vpn.

  • admin

    I want to win the drawing please count me in for this contest!

  • ssrssd

    i want to try it

  • sourav

    I would love to try this VPN…..:)

  • madtamski

    I would love to try this!

  • KP

    This sounds great!

  • metin

    thanks.hope to win.

  • sarzaminme

    in last time you don’t send it!
    & i think you aren’t lie but you are kidding

  • I would love to try them out, count me in.

  • Just testing my luck. Waiting to test a VPN. 300 + comments and I am goin to post just one. Let’s see If I am really lucky like my astrologer says to me often MDL.

  • gary meacham

    what a great promotion-hope i get a license

  • I want to win too :) Pls count me:P

  • NiallCon

    Anyone seen their website? Hello world?

  • VuHai

    I hope is a winner, thanks !

  • Loren Schnaidt

    I want to win the drawing please count me in for this contest!


  • Holden

    Hope I can get one… need them to connect to the net especially when there’s no wi-fi available…

  • lmaobox

    Me gusta.

  • Met

    merci beaucoup

  • BillGoldberg

    Announce the winners please .

  • AboElHasan

    VPN for me
    Count me in

  • Mohammed Hassan

    Help me to have one

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    I need one plz

  • chinmay prusty

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I need this…

  • MB

    I would like this for sure….I can’t seem to connect to their website though? Too much publicity from here?

  • Suhaib

    PPTP and L2TP support at the same time. This does sound good.

  • Farangy

    I hope It’s not too late for me to join.

  • mks

    thnk for giving .hope this time I win

  • KRS Mani

    It was really nice of Digital Life to give away these free VPNs. Even if I do not get it, I am happy somebody (at least 50 readers of Digital Life) will get to use these free VPNs. Hope to get these if not this time, next time.

  • bmi

    how i win one

  • john

    love to get one

  • Jimmy

    Let it be me, Let it.

  • NiHiLisT

    Hi nice giveaway! Hopefully I can get one.

    MDL FTW!

  • Ostrov

    Mind if I win? :-)

  • Maher

    Yes, count me in!

  • Maher

    Let me win this one please :)

  • naveed

    I want to stay secured completely… and Sailfish VPN is the top rated and well scured VPN…

  • Gonzo

    This is a great offer! Who WOULDN’T want to win this?

  • ong bahk

    I would like to get a VPN to enroute blockage of my government to sites files sharing and P2P site… Thanks!!!

  • Iman

    I love you guys !

  • Iman

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway !

  • Iman

    Count me in please !

  • Iman

    what a good offer!

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    Let’s try my chance again!

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    Thank you MDL!

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    did I win yet??

  • Jim Watson

    Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ? no? arrrrrrrgggggghhhh!!!!!!

  • Jim Watson

    I have always wanted to try one of these but never got around to it. looking forward to using it if I win !!!

  • Ali

    This giveaway is interesting !

  • Ali

    Thank you! I love this :D

  • john

    wow i hope win this thanks

  • john

    tnx it nice

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    Looking forward to winning

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    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I’d love to win this one.

  • Sawan

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    Always wanted to try the VPN services. This could be my chances.

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    these is a great giveaway ever made..
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    Please let me win ;)

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    Great offer , thanks

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    Thanks bud!

  • Maher

    Waw! Thank you :)

  • Jacob


    Heard alot about VPN’s,and how they secure your privacy.
    A free account by MDL is aewsome.

    Hope I win,fingers crossed.

  • agreco_manece

    I can not wait for the lucky ones who get this vpn

  • Anuar

    interesting..never subscribe to VPN before

  • Firas

    Mydigitallife makes our life real Digital! please sign me up and thanks alot!

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    Free VPN? sign me up

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    I never win anything but heres too trying

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    It’ll great if i get!!!

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    It would be nice to try that VPN for 3 month absolutely free.

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    Yeah, I been wanting to try this , if it goes well i might actually buy it

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    Thank you MDL!!

  • id001

    VPN for me

  • msmd

    Always supporting this site :P

  • war59312

    And now the site is down.

    Whoop! My bad! lol

    After I notified them of a security breach their simple reply was:

    “Dear Madam/Sir,
    Thank you very much for your kind notification.
    We will close the site soon.
    Best wishes”

    And sure enough the site is now down. lol

  • Andrius

    I am participating! Pick me.

  • Douglas Durbin

    I’ll take a free VPN, Thank you. :)

  • hossi


  • hossi

    Hi buddy. Thank you.

  • Sadek

    My previous comment has been held for moderation so I am again saying I am IN

  • Sadek

    I am in isn’t it??

  • t00Mz

    Let’s do this!

  • Maher

    Let me win one please :)

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    I want to try this VPN too. Gimme! Thanks

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    Yup…want it

  • Travis

    Plwase be kind enough to let me havve one account. Thanks, Travis.

  • Satyam Tiwari

    OH HHH man !!! would luv to hv one !!
    pls god atleast now is my turn

  • eisenman

    3 month prem vpn for free! Good idea! Count me in :)

  • Helenga

    Nice offer! I’m in for the game. Thanks mydigitallife!

  • Maher

    Thank you MDL!

  • Asoj

    I’m in..
    Since it features no bandwidth limitation, it is really worth to try!

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    I would love to win this gift. Been really a bad week.

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    What a great opportunity! I’d love to win this one.

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    make me freeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Free VPN, Get me in

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  • windows recovery

    This is nice giveaway, I wish if I could have it.

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    My Digital Life, es una exelente opción para estar actualizado a diario y mejor ahora que se vino con grandes obsequios, Buena esa.

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    DO WANT!!!

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    It would be nice to win something,might even change my name if I do. Bitaluksok sounds good to me if I get VPN account.

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    nice give away, it will be good ig i am lucky

  • piliourits

    Does this work? Couldn’t see my comment

  • piliourits

    My friend would make good use of this

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    Let me understand in depth about VPN

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    Wow! when it comes to free things with great value or benefits of course every body dont want to miss it. I want it too :)

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    NIce to see you back up and running again!!

    thanx for this offer

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    It’s never late to try ;) Count me in too, please.

  • Mentor

    I need a VPN,,,thank you!

  • Marc

    Nice stuff! Count me in! Being able to bypass the DPI of my ISP would be so nice :P

  • ericbush

    Exactly the thing I need! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a lucky ticket in this generous giveaway deal.

  • Jack

    Yeah sounds like a great giveaway! Who can turn this down

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    Just a thing i need for the moment. Hope i can win a copy. Thanks admin for the opportunity!


    It would be great to get one license for free!
    Thank you!

  • Manuscript

    This is my chance to win!

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    Great site, great prize!

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    Nice giveaway !

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    Nice giveaway! Just wanna take part in getting one out of 50 free VPN accounts.

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    Wait, what? A free commercial VPN account… for free? I <3 it!

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    I really want 3 mouths of best VPN service.

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    Thanks for this giveaway, i wish i could get one :(

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    First time I hear of such a VPN, must be a new one. Would be really nice to try for 3 months free. ;)

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    Please, count me in. I do love to win 3 month premium VPN.

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    Hallo from Africa! Include me in your lotto list, please. Thanks admin!

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    Please give me one. I want to try it :D

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    I like to take part in this giveaway. Please teke me in. Thanks.


    I would totally use a free vpn

    • tommy

      I would like to get a free vpn

    • tommy

      Sorry I accidently put email in name field. Would be nice if someone delete it.

  • Imran Yousuf

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I need it, Wish me good luck. :)

  • pouget

    Put me in – it’s really a chance of getting free VPN for 3 months. Cheers!

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    waiting for the result with my name picked ! LOL :D

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    Be happy if I win. Thanks.

  • AlexanderLeo

    I dunno whether I would get it or not, coz a lot of comments are already there :(

    But I need to mention that I am a fan of MDL since I was in high school.

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    great Blog

  • sandeep

    Great Blog which read regularly. Keep posting Good articles


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    They always say : IT’S THE BEST , WHEN IT’S FREE ……………

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    Hooray! It’s been quite a long time since the last MDL give-away!

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    Hi, thanks for this giveaway, please include me.

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    plz count me in
    I need an account plz

  • t00mZ

    count me in too! thanks!

  • t00mZ


  • war59312

    OH wow, I wanted to learn more about this service and when I pulled up their home page in Firefox 7 on Win7 I got:

    This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Aurora to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.

    That is pretty sad!

    • war59312

      LOL: uses an invalid security certificate.

      The certificate expired on 9/16/2011 9:59 PM. The current time is 10/7/2011 12:54 AM.

  • Mostafa Dafer

    Wow, really cool, thank you for the share!

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    yeah past year i already subscribe vpn services. but i’m not satisfied at all

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    I really enjoy VPN connections as I work for a company that blocks EVERYTHING. I would greatly appreciate the ability to waste my work hours surfing…. well.. everything!!

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    Damn , am i to late?

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    Thanks, great giveaway.Pls count me in.

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    Been looking into a VPN, and this would be a good trial run.

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    Please Count Me In!, I have only used and hotspotshield before, and it didn’t work satisfactory…

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    Don’t know this one. I have tried them all from anonymizer universal, to free hide ip and none of them worked very well. even after paying 100.00 dollars for it. I am looking for a dependable program to do this. Right now I am using the free version of Hot Spot shield seems to be fairly quick. Hope I win.

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  • vishal

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    That is a sexy give away. :)
    Found it also rather funny that IE is saying the site is not secure. :p