Samson Technologies has recently announced its new stylish, adjustable USB microphone, named as Samson Meteor Mic, which is designed to enable users make recordings on their computers, seems perfect for using with Skype, iChat as well as voice recognition application. The Meteor Mic adopts a durable chrome-plated body with cool fold-back leg design for optimal mic positioning, just as what you see in the photo.

In order to achieve rich audio recording, Samson Meteor Mic features a large (25mm) diaphragm condenser complemented with cardioid pickup pattern and outstanding frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz.

“Meteor Mic’s compact design is unique, but don’t let its size fool you,” said Scott Goodman, President for Samson. “With our largest condenser, everyone will be blown away by the audio quality of their recordings.”

Samson Meteor Mic that comes with a protective pouch and USB cable is slated to hit Best Buy stores on April 15 for $99.