Samsung, the famous memory chip maker has just unveiled a next generation DDR3 memory module that packs with high density. With its extremely high 32GB memory capacity, it is claimed to be the world’s highest density RDIMM (Registered dual inline memory module) targeted for server market.

The new RDIMM is built using 72 dedicated DDR3 chip with 4Gb memory configuration each. Thanks to its tiny 50nm class DRAM process technology that able to pack everything into a QDP (Quad-die package) on both sides of the module, bringing the best performance to server market when running with mainstream processor. Besides, it is claimed to be more thermally efficient with lower power rail of 1.35V that able to bring down the power consumption by 40 percent comparing to conventional 1.5V DDR3 module. At the same time, consumers can expect a 20 percent boost in overall system performance with faster and higher density memory module from this Korean manufacturer.

No information on pricing and availability yet, the high density RDIMM is more dedicated for enterprise use for workstations, servers and high end desktops so don’t expect it to be cheap at the first place.