3D LCD TV is a next big thing and has received great traction during the recent CES 2010 event. While you may still wonder when it will be ready for consumer market, Samsung, the giant LCD TV maker has just announced that it is ready to mass produce 3D HDTV now, making it one step closer to reality.

Known to be the first company that is ready for 3D HDTV manufacturing, its first few series will be focused on huge screen full HD 3D TV in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch utilizing 3D active glasses technology. The new series are featured with stereoscopic RealD format that is able to stream image to left and right eye with slight lagging, and eventually creating a true 3D effect for greater visual experience. Operating at 240Hz, it is capable to offer 240 frames per second that able to boost up picture quality for live and vivid display as compared to conventional HDTV. Good thing is, the next generation 3D HDTV is backward compatible and can play normal 2D content in case users decide not to wear glass but can bear with 2D display.

If you recall, Sony is predicting that almost half of all its future TV products will be 3D capable by 2013. Similarly for Korean market, the service provider plans to run 3D broadcasting trial services by second half of 2010 to ease up the migration. However, no pricing and availability yet but it won’t be too long from now since the mass production will be kicked off soon.