Apple’s newly released iPad has triggered many new tablet PC designs from other PC makers and among all, Samsung Electronics is one of them that may surprise you. Just recently, the famous Korean maker has announced a next generation targeted mainly for its local market. Named as S-Pad, it will be equipped with AMOLED that offers much saturated color resolution while at the same being enhanced with other cutting-edge technologies.

If you recall, the Korean maker used to famous for its UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) but was eventually replaced by the fast growing netbook market. With a 7-inch Super AMOLED display, it could divert some attention from other competitors’ products. However, not much details on hardware specifications yet but those already on the table include the availability of WiFi and 3G network connectivity as well as a USB dock for synchronization and file transfer. The machine will be preloaded with Google Android Operating System and it is expected to get contents directly from Kyobo books as well as its own Apps store. Obviously, the rich eco-partners support is another key success for any tablet PC’s manufacturers besides its internal hardware specifications, OS and other impressive feature sets.

Good news now, consumers should able to own the unit at more affordable price since it will be getting subsidies from SK Telecom. No exact pricing information yet, the official launching will happen some time in August time frame.