Samsung has introduced a second screen for laptops in the form of the LD220G and LD190G. The Lapfit monitor is measured at 22-inch (LD220G) and 19-inch (LD190G) in diagonal. It can be set up at the same height beside a laptop and joined with the lower edge of the display. There is a base at the back of the monitor which allows the tilting angle of 10-30 degrees to be easily adjusted in order to match the position of the notebook display.


Both 16:9 monitors come with a resolution of 1360×768, with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20000:1 and 4ms of response time. Their connection to Laptop can be setup easily via USB.

According to Samsung, power consumption of the monitor is approximately 30 percent lower than other monitors of the same size. When it is used with a laptop, the monitor will automatically go into standby mode, in which it consumes less than 1 watt.

The 22-inch Lapfit model LD220G is expected to arrive in stores in March 09 at the retail price of approximately USD 216. Whereas, the 19-inch LD190G will be sold at USD 165.