Tablet PC is a new trend with simple and easy control utilizing built-in touchscreen as input method replacing conventional mouse or keyboard. If you wonder how the PC manufacturers are able to differentiate themselves in this competitive market space, the new patent filing by Samsung may give you some clue on how additional controlling mechanism can be implemented as a new selling point targeted for convenience usage.

The recent patent application with name of “Mobile terminal having dual touch screen and method of controlling content therein” has created a new way of controlling mechanism on next generation tablet PC. According to its idea, a new tablet with dual touch screen can be created and besides the conventional way of controlling through its front touch screen panel, users can also rely on a secondary touch sensor resided at the back of the device, making the additional control gestures with much pleasurable user experiences. Just imagine, you can now have multiple ways of playing games and navigating through document or web without being limited by primary touch screen panel only, which in most case may not be as easy as the back or side touching.

As usual, not every patent idea will be implemented in end products due to additional cost and other limitation design factors. Nevertheless, this is no doubt a brilliant idea that may able to benefit future tablet PC as well as next generation smartphone market in short future.