sandisk-flashback-adapter.jpgSearching a backup rescue solution for your beloved laptop? The well-known inventor and world’s largest supplier of flash storage cards, Sandisk Corporation has concerned of your needs with the launch of an unique device which can automatically and continuously backing up and encrypting critical data onto an optional SD or SDHC flash memory card, named as SanDisk FlashBack Adapter, fitting into the ExpressCard slot of your notebook computer.

“This is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution for every laptop user with an ExpressCard slot who wants to be protected from unintended data loss,” said Matthijs Hutten, senior product marketing manager for accessories, Sandisk. “We all know that we should frequently make backups of our critical files. But most of us don’t get around to it because it seems like too much of an effort, or we simply forget to do it. This practical solution does the job and does it automatically. So if your PC suffers a breakdown, you can flash back to your latest files wherever you are. The SanDisk FlashBack Adapter truly gives you peace of mind.”

According to the press release, “For protection against laptop theft and to easily share backed-up files, the SanDisk FlashBack Adapter also offers users an option for backing up content online. This service is provided by BeInSync Inc. for a nominal fee and in addition to local storage on an SD or SDHC memory card.”

The new SanDisk FlashBack Adapter that comes with a backup software will start shipping worldwide in coming Q2 2008 for about $30.