Market leader in flash memory card products, SanDisk, once again maintains its competitive edge in the chip making industry by introducing new memory cards which are preloaded with digital music. The 1GB SanDisk 15mm x 11mm x 1mm microSDcard can be inserted into digital devices with built in memory card slots such as music players, computers, mobile phones, etc. SanDisk collaborated with four major music labels EMI, Warner Music (WMG), Sony BMG and Universal Music Group to have the DRM (Digital rights management) free digital music preloaded. SanDisk claimed that the music loaded are in high quality MP3 format and the capacity of 1GB is just a nice size to store an entire album together with additional album details such as artists interviews, commentaries, extra tracks, etc. These music preloaded cards will be channeled through reputable retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

While music lovers will be thrilled to have music without having to sideload it onto a device using a computer, it is rather passé to go back to the age of plastic even though it’s in the form of 1GB slotMusic micro SD cards preloaded with DRM-free 320 kbps MP3s. After all, iTunes and Zune WiFi have changed our music listening experience and pampered us beyond belief. While the slotMusic trend could pick up amongst youngsters, especially for mobile phone users, it seems sure to be obsolete before long, slotMusic media binders and all. But slotMusic also has its supporters in label companies and artistes who are keen to include more than just music for marketing purposes.