The worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disk drives and storage solutions, Seagate has announced the launch of its new Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD media player, which designed to work with Seagate’s award-winning FreeAgent Go external hard drive, allowing users to easily enjoy stored videos, movies and photos on their TV rather than their computer.


“Consumers are awakening to the fact that the PC isn’t the best place to store or view their photos and videos,” said Chris Chute, research manager for IDC. “Over time the living room and robust storage solutions will go hand-in-hand to facilitate the next-generation of sharing memories.”

Main Features And Benefits Of Seagate FreeAgent Theater media player:

  • Experience high-definition movie viewing with DVD-like playback control and surround sound
  • Pair slideshows of high-resolution photo libraries with music collections and customize with specialized transition effects
  • Easily synch and organize digital media from multiple computers using the FreeAgent Go drive
  • Instantly access entire libraries of digital media by simply popping a FreeAgent Go drive into the media player or connecting another portable storage device using the external USB port
  • On-screen navigation is a snap with the handy remote with an intuitive interface and familiar button layout
  • Supports wide variety of file formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, 5.1 channel surround sound, JPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and DIVX with video resolutions for NTSC, PAL and HD up to 1080i, and even provides support for subtitles

“Consumers today are the number one creators and aggregators of digital content—most of which holds a sentimental or emotional value and is unfortunately trapped on their home computers,” said Pat King, senior vice president of Seagate’s Consumer Solutions Division. “For years, Seagate has provided solutions for storing, organizing and protecting this personal content – now, with Seagate FreeAgent Theater, we provide the ability for families and friends to share and enjoy these memories together in the comfort of their living rooms.”

The new Seagate FreeAgent Theater media player solution that available in 3 different configurations – standalone media player for use with any USB storage device, media player with 250GB FreeAgent Go Drive and media player with 500GB FreeAgent Go Drive, will hit the market in coming March for about $130, $230 and $300, respectively.