is a free online storage space and backup service provider. It’s commonly used as a free file sharing and hosting site. Humyo gives the free members 30GB each of disk space, of which 25GB of this free storage is marked and reserved specifically only for uploaded music, photo and video media files.

So just image the amount of music and video media files that are been uploaded, stored and hosted on Humyo servers. Most of the media files are shared, published or embedded somewhere on the web. With the power of Google, it’s possible to search and reveal what files have been uploaded to Humyo and shared or posted by uploaders, and available for free download, similar to how to search for download links for files hosted on SendSpace and how to search for RapidShare hosted files download links.

Search for All Humyo Download Links Posted on Internet

To search for all Humyo download links that has been posted on Internet web pages, forums and blogs, enter the following search query in Google, including the quotation marks:


Search for All Links in Humyo Domain

The following search term can be used to search for all URLs from domain which, of course, includes all the download links (the search results will be lesser, as not all download URLs are been crawled and indexed):

User can refine and narrow down the search by adding the keywords (file format, movie name, drama series name, artist or singer name or etc) that you want to search specifically, as the file name of the uploaded file in Humyo is included into the page title and content, making it searchable in Google search engine. See example below on how to perform the advanced specific terms search in Google.

Search and Find Music Files on Humyo mp3|ogg|wma|flac
“” mp3|ogg|wma|flac

Search and Find Movies, TV Series Episodes, Music Videos Files on Humyo asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv|mov
“” asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv|mov

Search for Files Related to Guitar Hero on Humyo

If you prefer to search for movie film name, TV series name, song name, artist name instead of file types, the query format is similar too.

“” guitar hero guitar hero

Note: inurl will search for the URLs that contains the specified keywords only, while the other searches will search for the keywords beyond the URLs, as long as it fulfills the search criteria. All search queries can be modified to search for the different file type you want, such as avi, mpg, rm and wmv for video files or pdf, exe, doc, rar and zip for documents and software programs.

Note: Google will group together related and similar search results. Click on “repeat the search with the omitted results included” to expand the search results to get all RapidShare links.

Once a download link pages of Humyo is found, users can use the Humyo player on the page to instantly stream media content to view or listen to the file, or click the “Download File” link to download the file to your computer (registration of free account membership on Humyo required).