Do you need to enter someone’s house in the dark to search for some important information or object? Or are you cracking your head to come up with a creative idea for your teenager’s Halloween party costume? Here’s one gadget that may solve all these problems.

Toy manufacturer, Nelo Lucich, the creator of goggles, has introduced EyeClops Night Vision goggles that use infrared LEDs to shine a wide beam of infrared light up to 50 feet away. The light, though not visible to the naked eye, displays a monochrome image through the single-eye viewfinder of the camera. The gadget can function up to three hours on five AA batteries.

The gadget is elegant looking and features thick rubber straps to be strapped to the head. It resembles a heavy mask and snorkel not unlike the ones worn by terrorists or officials of the special unit force. Have fun with this gadget that is sure to send the hair standing for some of your friends.