Looking for something to Skype with but without all the unnecessary belts and whistles? Perhaps the Sennheiser PC35 USB headset is just the thing for you. This headset is labeled as a basic starter headset for your home and office voice communication needs. It is designed specifically for internet telephony and communications. Its microphone boasts clear voice quality, excellent speech clarity and voice recognition by filtering out background noise.


Sennheiser’s PC35 has a built-in USB soundcard for “superior acoustics”. The headphones may look a bit flimsy, but the sound quality provided is excellent. It is a bit light and easy to slip off your heads if you look down or turn at an awkward angle. Having said that, this PC35 is extremely sturdy and tough.

Overall, this headphone is easy to use and produce excellent sound quality. It basically fulfill all your basic communication needs with a reasonable price.