Wanted to give your ideal home a new gadget that can sense human existence and eventually turn on/off the electrical appliances automatically? It sounds like you will need a sophisticated and expensive digital home control system to perform the task but it is indeed not really necessary. Now with the SensorPlug device, it allows a simple control of lighting, home appliances switching with wide angle infra sensor placed for greater convenience in digital home as well as part of initiative towards greener environment.


The innovative idea design simplifies the need of complicated wiring without much hassle of setting them up. What you need here is just a SensorPlug Motion sensor to be plugged into conventional outlet and on top of that, just plug in any compatible power adapter and the tiny device will do the rest of its jobs. By sensing 60-90 degree of wide detection angle with up to 20’ radius range, it will able to determine if there is anyone in the room and if no movement is detected for 2 to 5 minutes, it will cut off the current flow, saving some of your electricity that would otherwise wasted in daily life.

At a retail price of only $13.99, the SensorPlug is quite affordable with few units installed in living room for various home appliances and more importantly, it can also serve as a burglar deterrent device for extra security in both office and home compounds.