Just recently, Sharp and Pioneer have announced the new data communication standard targeted to bring greater users experience while driving on the road. The new technology, known as Photoremo@Navi v1.0 creates the ability of faster synchronization between car navigation system and mobile device so that those data, such as GPS data, emails and calls can be exchanged seamlessly between both systems.

Photoremo was developed by Sharp initially and mainly being deployed for data control and communication between mobile devices and home appliances. Now the same technology has been extended to vehicle usage whereby safety and convenience become the first priority. Just imagine, now users will be able to synchronize back a photo (such as a good place to eat) taken from their camera phone and together with its geography information tagged with GPS (Global Positioning System) capability, all these can be sent to third parties through emails so that they can upload to own navigation system for quick reference and find the way there easily.

While this is still in early stage and only some of the compatible products such as Sharp’s SH706iW are available, these two giant Japanese companies are trying to promote it, hoping to be adopted by other manufacturers as an open standard for in-vehicle infotainment market.