LCD TV with High Definition display is no longer something new but if you are looking for HDTV with integrated Blu-ray disc burner and player, then Sharp, the Japanese Consumer Electronics manufacturer has the solution for you. The new AQUOS Japanese version DX series will have embedded Blu-ray disc to record your favorite HD movies without the need of any external Blu-ray player or messy cabling.

There will be two models – the 32-inch and the 42-inch that targeted for different level of consumers’ requirements ready for North America market. Both of them are having Blu-ray HD media playback and recording capability, but there are some slight specification delta between them. While the first (32-inch model) is capable of displaying 720p HD resolution with 7000:1 contrast ratio, the latter (42-inch series) can scale display resolution up to 1080p full HD with impressive 15000:1 contrast ratio respectively.

On top of these, these new models will feature with built-in dual digital HD tuners that enable program watching while able to record them into Blu-ray disc simultaneously. No pricing is available now, these two models will be commercialized in North America in January next year followed by Europe and Asia countries.