During the FPD International 2008 event held in Japan, Sharp, one of the famous LCD panels manufacturers has showcased a next generation LCD panel with built-in memory module, making the display contents retainable when the power supply is totally cut off. The new innovation which resembles e-paper technology could let Sharp stays in leading position even in this competitive industry.

This LCD panel can be targeted on signage, kiosk and panel PC applications whereby lower dissipation power is preferred. However, as compared to e-paper low power technology, it still requires relatively huge energy in order to save all its current contents into memory. Good news is, the Japanese panel manufacturer has planned for a series of 1.7-inch, 2.4-inch and 6.1-inch monochrome display together with 6.1-inch and 14.1-inch 8-color LCD display to meet different market requirements.

No exact pricing and availability yet, Sharp Spokesperson did emphasize that they anticipate higher cost incurred due to additional memory module being integrated as compared to conventional LCD panels. Also, it does have some limitation in terms of operating temperature range from -25 to +55 degree Celsius that make it impossible to be compliant to industrial temperature required for some of the market segments.