Home cinema or home theater enthusiasts are generally very particular on the sound reproduction quality as the surround sound effects can give them ultimate enjoyment. To create excellent surround sound effects is not an easy task. It involves a lot of fixing work and audiophile-grade sound equipment. However, if you still cannot resist giving up your home theatre but are concerned with the problems mentioned, you can probably look at this simplified home system, SurroundBar 360° DVD, from Polkaudio.

Simple in design, the SurroundBar 360° DVD consists of an array of speakers in a single 44in case which can be mounted under the TV or hang from a wall, and a console which can be connected to the sound bar. The console features an AM-FM tuner, plays DVDs or VCDs and has connections for multiple video and audio inputs, including the HDMI connection for the best video quality. The acoustic/speaker stick that can be placed anywhere will create fully immersive, 360 degree sensational surround sound using its advanced technology. It can simulate the multi speaker surround sound effect even without a subwoofer.

The SurroundBar 360° DVD costs US$1,200. For this amount of money, you can enjoy your simplified home theater and revel in the soothing and beautiful sounds of music.