We have heard about HomePlug Powerline solution where users can get broadband connectivity through wall AC power plug. And now with a similar concept which carries power through Ethernet port utilizing PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology, it enables a new way of AIO (All-in-One) PC setup in new office or home environment without the need of additional AC electrical power outlets being installed. That is how exactly the SkinnyBytes’s AIO PC works.

Without the need of additional AC power supply, it becomes a true AIO PC that not only simplifies the setup, but at the same time eliminating the need of additional AC power outlets with significant cost saving (with 50 percent or more). Besides, these new POE PCs are claimed to be much more power efficient with a significant saving of 90 percent as compared to conventional PC, thanks to the use thermally efficient Intel Atom processor, Solid State Drives for storage and other peripherals when coupled with such cutting edge technology to deliver necessary power supply for normal operation. Good thing is, these new PoE PC lineup are compliance with IEEE 802.3at standard so not to worry about its safety concern or fire hazard with low voltage/current power source over standard network cable.

No pricing and availability, all the system will be preinstalled with Windows 7 OS and supported by touch screen capability suitable for all segments.