After few months in development and only opened for a limited trial users, now the long waited free mobile web browser, Skyfire v0.8 has been released to public. Targeted to compete against Opera Mobile 9.5 and Google Chrome web browsers, it supports various famous technologies such as AJAX, embedded flash and Java and especially optimized for video download websites such as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.

Although it only meant for US citizen (required to enter phone number prefixed with +1), but users from other regions can actually get their hands-on by putting in a valid email address and any cell phone number. Once entered, there will be an auto SMS and email being sent both your cellular phone and mailbox. Following the link will prompt you to install the .cab files in your PDA. Some of the features enhancements include text entry, contextual zooming, SuperBar, web page sharing via SMS and more.

I have tried it myself by installing in my Windows Mobile 5 smartphone and it works great! The browsing is very smooth and fast without lagging as compared to Internet Explorer that preinstalled in most smart phones. Most importantly, some websites that were unable to display in full previously can now be fitted well in this web browser. I personally like the zooming feature as user can zoom into certain area by just clicking on it. User can even capture some interested webpage and sent to friends via MMS with only a few screen touch.

Since this tiny (only consumes around 500kB of your smartphone memory space) web browser is free, no harm to try one today by registering at Skyfire to enjoy the media rich experience full web browsing experience just like what you can do in desktop PC. Although current beta version is only available for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, but Skyfire Lab promises to release other Symbian OS compatible version in short future. Just like other beta version software release, Skyfire Lab welcomes all the users’ feedback to make it the best mobile web browsers for any smart phones.

Update: Skyfire 1.0 for Windows Mobile browser

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