What if you were able to access your home television system wherever you went? The World Cup in your cubicle. Your local news station from overseas. Dirty Jobs in your backyard. Even Emeril Live in your kitchen. Now what if you could do all that without a television, cable box, satellite dish, or subscription fee (screw you TiVo)? If you want to start “placeshifting” your TV viewing habits, then all you need is a Slingbox.

The Slingbox is a fantastic product. Any computer with an Internet connection will allow you streaming video access to your home TV system. My boss has one in his office so he can watch the in-house cable TV feed at home. But as a Mac user, I have one major problem with the Slingbox… It’s not Mac compatible.

Well that limitation may soon be coming to an end. Sling Media VP Jeremy Toeman posted a request for Mac beta testers in the Sling Media forums. If you are interested, sign up now. The online application will only be online until 07/26/06.

“We are now taking applications to be part of the Mac private beta program. The application will be live for the next 2 weeks (14 days – it closes on 07/26/06)… due to the expected high number of applicants, you will only hear from us if you are selected. Finally, you must be able to sign an NDA/non-compete with the company in order to be part of the private beta pool. “

When could Apple users see a final version of the SlingPlayer for Mac OS X? Probably in Q3 2006 according to the Wikipedia Slingbox page.

Now we just need a high-definition version of the Slingbox…