If you had to copy, you’d better do it efficiently. The CopyCat Handheld Scanner is a useful device for personal or professional use. It is small and portable. Fitting into the palm of a hand, users just need to sweep the required pages of the images they need. The images will then be stored in micro SD card with a 32GB memory. An accompanying OCR software enables users to save these images and edit them in Word, Excel, or Clipboard format. This device is great for people who may need to scan documents quickly while on the go.

CopyCat Handheld Scanner is not only effective in its size but also its speed. It can scan images at 600 dpi. It is battery-operated and can reproduce copies of color images very fast. This handheld scanner can store up to about 30,000 pages. The scanner has various features which make it portable and efficient for people on the go.