If you are facing difficulty to control mouse cursor movement by using hand or would like to experience a new way of controlling your computer using innovative method, Natural Point has a new series of product lines that can suit your needs. Named as SmartNav 4, it is an infra-red based communication with accurate and easy control mechanism using head movement, intend to replace hand movement targeted for those that suffers ergonomic or spinal cord injuries.


The theory behind is it is based on an infrared receiver that being mounted in front of your computer screen. And on the other end, a infrared transmitter will be mounted either on your forehead, glasses or hat that will send the signals to the receiver and eventually move the mouse cursor accordingly. Just imagine, now you can just tilt your head without any physical interaction and the computer mice will be positioned as you adjust your head movement. To cater for individual preference, SmartNav software provides various options for them to customize and calibrate the amplitude of movements to fine-tune the controlling accuracy.

The innovative products are currently available in market with two options – SmartNav 4 EG and SmartNav 4 AT priced at $399 and $499 respectively. Priced at an additional $100, SmartNav 4 AT offers a much more complete computer control solution with an on-screen keyboard as well as dwell clicking capability.