You might think it is a brand new soap that you can use for showering as it looks like a real soap and the word “soap” which appears on it confuses you further. But please don’t bring it with you to the bathroom because this “soap” in fact is an optical mouse for your computer but it is not meant for the shower! Dubbed as M-SP1UR, this soap-shaped mouse is another bizzare product from the Japanese. The M-SP1UR soap optical mouse features basic mouse function but incorporates more environmentally friendly concepts including its rustic and natural color – yellow, white and bamboo charcoal black.


The three-button M-SP1UR optical mouse offers 800 resolution optical sensor and there are two types of USB cable length: 30- or 60-inch. According to the manufacturer, Elecom, the aim of this mouse is to offer users a sense of stability and smooth operation. Holding this unique mouse will give users the sense of holding a real soap. Wonder if that is appealing though since a soap is slippery and wet to the touch… (Does the ergonomics work?) This mouse is user friendly and it doesn’t need any special driver to install. For a mere of $23, users can get the “soap” mouse with you for computing but not bathing. Will ‘soap’ mean the same thing as a ‘mouse’ in English in the future?