Know someone who needs to spend a little more time outside and away from their computer? Maybe a techie gift for the outdoors might do the trick. The Arbordale Solar Birdfeeder is just your average run-of-the-mill birdfeeder by day. But at night, this birdfeeder provides a soft, warm amber glow to its surroundings.

Thanks to several solar panels that capture energy during daylight hours, three amber LED lights illuminate your outdoor space while not adding a single cent to your power bill.

Constructed of durable aluminum with clear glass panels, the feeder holds a generous 3-1/2 pounds of seed. A removable top ensures easy filling and the Arbordale Solar Birdfeeder hangs easily on the nearest tree branch or shepherd’s hook from a steel chain.

This birdfeeder is a fun way to add a touch of tech to your outdoor space and give the birds something to ponder during their next free meal.