Sony will debut first new player Blu-ray by this summer that able to download bonus material like trailers and games from the internet. There have two players, BDP-S350 and BDP-S550.

Both players can show picture-in-picture content and will be the first Sony Blu-ray players to do so, apart from the PlayStation 3 game console, which gained this feature via software update last year. The picture-in-picture feature, called Bonus View, can be used to show director or actor commentary in a small window while the movie plays.


The first player, BDP-S350 will introduce this summer at the price of $400 and it feature an Ethernet port allowing it to connect to home broadband. However, it won’t be able to access internet content when it ships and to enable this features, it need to upgrade software later known as BD-Live.

Moreover, BDP-S550 will be available this fall for the price about $500 and will be BD-Live-capable when it ships.