Wireless charging is not something really new but there is still room for improvement especially when talking about efficiency of power delivery and truly contactless charging as well as its effective range. Just recently, Sony has announced a new milestone that could delight those that are looking for technology breakthrough. Surprisingly, the Japanese company claimed that it has developed a system that can supply a 60W power transmission through magnetic resonance technique with greater efficiency of up to 60 percent.


Unlike current inductive charging technology that still requires physical contact point for charging such as those being implemented in Dell Latitude Z or Palm Pre solution, the solution from Sony based on magnetic resonance technique is claimed to be able to have true wireless energy transmission and more importantly, it can achieve much higher power delivery suitable for any power-hunger applications. At this moment, the prototype system is able to reach up to 60 percent power efficiency with maximum power delivery at 60W for a range of 19.7 inch. With a passive repeater unit putting in the middle of transmitter and receiver, there is a chance to extend the wireless link up to 31.5 inches to make the whole solution more practical for real world.

No further information on when and how the Japanese company plans to make this ready for public but it may still take a while since there are some technical obstacles before ready to be deployed in actual end products.