There are numerous ways of mobile phone feature control. The most common one is the conventional way of hard keypad button control, which  evolves to touch screen control interface and eventually to voice activation control. Now Sony Ericsson, a famous mobile phone manufacturer seems to be a step ahead of the rest of competitors by filing a patent pertaining to the of mobile phone feature control method by just using hand gesture without the need to touch on the phone’s button or screen.

This is kind of similar idea as per how to change TV channel using hand gesture that we mentioned in few months back. The previous one was supposed to be implemented in TV system that enables the user to remote-control the program by just waving bare hand in front of the TV screen. Whereas this one is planned to be implemented into mobile phone for voice, call or any phone functionality control. Both are them are aiming to achieve the same objective of convenience and great user experience for devices control using bare hand only. However, there are some differences between them. The major difference is the previous one needs an additional camera module for image capturing whereas the current one can utilize existing camera that is embedded into mobile phone for the same function. Besides, the innovation by Sony Ericsson seems to require more advanced technology to enable such a small camera module that able to capture gesture movement accurately. Furthermore, intelligent image processing software will definitely occupy plenty of the memory space that none of the traditional mobile phone can handle. Anyway, this is still in very early conceptual stage and the end product will not be available too soon in commerical market.