Sony Ericsson MPS-75 Recently, Sony Ericsson announced the new amazing mini portable Snap-On speaker, Sony Ericsson MPS-75 that is powered from SE phones. The remarkable feature of this walkman phone is its neodymium speakers which are 101.5 x 65.5 x 48mm and weigh 107 grams, and gives you a “great stereo sound”. MPS-75 is compatible with all Sony Ericsson phones incorporating the Fast Port connection, but it’s not supported on other brands of cellphone yet. In addition, the new Sony Ericsson MPS-75 also features a built in FM antenna that can let you listen to FM radio too.

Price for new Sony Ericsson MPS-75 is not yet set and they have the design colors that matched to your Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. Sony Ericsson MPS-75 sound even a little bit better than the MPS-60 and will be available in coming April.