sony.jpgHere’s a great news for you if you have a plan to buy a new HDTV! The well-known consumer electronic giant, Sony has offered $100 HDTV Coupon on their new Bravia High Definition TV for every old TV set (any brand) returned through the company’s Take Back recycling program, aiming to help consumers upgrade to a higher-end HDTV.

“By layering our Take Back Recycling Program with offers like the TV Trade Up promotion, Sony expects to reach its goal of recycling one pound of old product for every pound of new product sold,” said Mark Small, vice president of environment, safety and health for Sony Electronics. “With the next wave of High-Definition technology, we anticipate many HDTVs to replace analog television and Sony is providing customers with end-of-life solutions for those unwanted items.”

The company has also opened 79 Waste Management eCycling centers spread across US, for consumers to drop off their old TV and then the $100 reward will be redeemable at Sony Style stores, online at and through Sony Style telesales until March 15, 2008.