After the source code of development tools for Fail0verflow PS3 exploit been released, the famed iPhone hacker, GeoHot, is leaking the METLDR private root keys for PS3. The private metldr keys of PS3 is the core of Fail0verflow “epic PS3 security bypass” hack, where the root keys can be used to sign official Sony signature to fool PS3 into accepting the software applications or games are legit.

Sony PS3 Private Keys
The private root keys which open the doors of PS3 for unsigned code (some part has been truncated).

With the private root keys and necessary software, which likely to be released for free download as Fail0verflow, users can access the PS3 console loader to load manual signed code, create own applications, duplicate games, install custom firmwares, play pirated game or movie ISO discs and images, install another operating system and etc.

Also releasing together with the private root keys is two sample “Hello world” codes, geohot_1st.self and Lv2diag.self, where the later is said to be the first signed homebrew for PS3, as demonstration and proof. The codes, compiled with PSL1GHT, can be ran by going into service mode and put the code on USB stick, then boot the software.

In addition, GeoHot also published a video which showing ability to jailbreak the PS3 running on latest firmware version 3.55 that will come in PUP to achieve a CFW through a USB stick. Demo video shown below. The custom jailbroken firmware 3.55 for PS3 has been released.