Sony has just unveiled a new wireless technology for short distance communication and data transfer. Known as TransferJet, it is targeted for high speed data transfer for near field wireless technology. With the backbone technology supported by UWB (Ultra Wide Band), TransferJet enables even higher speed wireless transfer of up to 560 Mbps, as compared to existing Wireless USB at only 480 Mbps.


Obviously it stands a great advantage in terms of faster and higher transfer rate. Thanks to its direct-sequence spread spectrum modulation technique. However, the effective range of not more than 1.25-inch is not in favor of most of the applications. Anyway, it is hard to conclude which is more important as it depends on the application and actual usage. If you recall earlier NFC Trial Run, Tranferjet can offer more concrete solution for fast access to public transport and make electronic payment wirelessly. Even if compared to conventional wireless technology, the power consumption and signal interference are far lower due to shorter effective range and uncongested 4.5 GHz spectrum span.

Sony showcased the new wireless technology during CES in Las Vegas recently and we should expect the actual products to be commercialized in 2009.