Motorcycling offers riders a way to relieve stress and relax the mind while riding on the beautiful passing country road landscape and enjoying the windy air. Having said that, it can be a true nightmare in areas where the climate is hot and humid; the riders will be completely drenched in sweat. If you don’t want this sweltering feeling to affect your mood and spoil your riding experience, EntroSys offers a great solution to keep you cool and avoid heat exhaustion.

Via EntroSys’s interesting product, BikeAir-1, a motorcycle air conditioner, motorcyclists will enjoy cooling air blowing onto them when they are going around on their motorbikes. The BikeAir-1 motorcycle air conditioning system comprises of two main subsystems: a compact personal air conditioner unit which is clipped to the back of the motorcycle; and a lightweight air delivery garment. The conditioned air (cooled or heated) will be driven via an air hose which is hooked to a thermal vest worn under the motorcyclists’ jacket. Motorcyclists can easily control the temperature via a key wireless remote control unit which can be easily mounted on the bike.

BikeAir-1 helps users stay cool and comfortable during their journey on the road. This is particularly useful for people who are used to a temperate climate and sweat easily in a hot or humid environment. EntroSys highlighted that this entire system is environmentally friendly as it is based on solid-state technology and does not use harmful gases, as do conventional compressor-based systems.

Let’s see how BikeAir-1 works:

Riders can stay cool in their leather jackets, sunshades and Harley Davidson motorbikes with this motorcycle air-conditioner.