Previously we talked about the laptop bag WiFi signal locator developed by Soyntec, now similar concept has been integrated into pen which even more useful for those that can’t live without internet connection. Looks sleek and stylish, it has built in RF detector that able to sense any 802.11b/g wireless network in surrounding area within an incredible range of 30 meters.

Measured at 150 mm X 15 mm X 15mm, its outlook doesn’t differ much from normal pen but surprisingly, the manufacturer from China has able to integrate additional function to make it a network capable device for consumer market. Besides, it features 4 LED signal strength indicator that let users know how far distance from AP (Access Point) and how strong the signal is. Unlike labtop WiFi detector, it can be powered by 2 button type cell batteries for normal operation. One thing in similar, there won’t be any way to list down all signals in surrounding area so that you can choose from. Instead, it will just pick to display those that with the strongest signal strength. Also there is no way to tell if the signal on the air is encrypted or free to access. So, once you are able to detect the signal, you may still need to take one more step to confirm if it is free by turning on your MID (Mobile Internet Device) or laptop. Anyway, priced at only $8.00, this is one of the good companions that you can bring alone with.