What is your expectation for next generation LCD panel? We have been moving from analog to digital display panel and from SD (Standard Definition) to HD (High Definition) but the evolution will never end since there is always a consumers’ demand for greater visual experience from time to time. Although 3D display is not something really new but there is still constraint with additional wearable glasses in order to enjoy the special effect. Good news now with the recent breakthrough when Sumitomo 3M Ltd demonstrating an actual prototype that enables users with 3D viewing experience with naked eye without the need to wear special glass during the recent FPD International 2009.

The Japanese company utilizes the concept of directionality of how light travels and with individual eye receiving a light beaming from independent light source to left and right eye respectively, the displayed images can be visualized as 3D view when both are synchronized and analyzed by human brain. The theory seems to be simple but it has to utilize a special made Dome-shaped lenses with prism based structures to generate the right directionality required for the special effect without the need of additional bulky glass as being practised in conventional method. Good thing is, there is possible to switch between 3D and 2D view by just controlling the time of light beaming to be reaching both eyes at the same time in case there is a need to display 2D view as desired during certain circumstances, for instance, when reading full text-based online material.

Currently the prototype only concentrates on 2.8-inch and 9-inch LCD panels with both of them already in mass production and we should expect to see some other diagonal size panels to be supported in short future.