You don’t need a super-rugged or super-solid case for your laptop unless you are working under extreme or dangerous environments and worry that a missile, for instance, might land on your desktop and destroy all your important and valuable data. To keep your laptop safe from these extreme possibilities, Odyssey’s polymer plastic water-tight, dust-proof and impact resistant injection molded laptop case, VU200711HW, fits the bill perfectly.


VU200711HW is made from high endurance polymer resin which can give the ultimate protection to your laptop. The diced foam interior can be shaped to fit a laptop and even other gadgets perfectly inside the super-rugged case. Measuring 22″ x 9″ x 14″ in dimensions and weighing 11lbs, the solid case features a comfortable carrying handle, pressure release valve and padlock loops which allow users to carry it around conveniently. The VU200711HW is a tough nut to crack.